Micro-Hydro typical system and costs


The main components of a hydroelectric system are the turbine, wire, and pipe. System costs are determined by 4 factors:

1. Cost of Turbine:

The turbine selected is a one, two, or four nozzle turbine. Costs range from $2250.00 to $2600.00.plus import duties , taxes and sales tax (VAT)

2. Pipeline/Penstock:

The pipe diameter and length need to be determined by the available head and flow to maximize the system potential.

3. Cost of Power Transmission:

The wire size is determined by the amount of power generated by the turbine and the distance from the turbine to the point of use, such as the batteries.

4. Power conditioning equipment:

All but the smallest systems need voltage regulation to protect batteries from over-charging. Costs range from $100.00 to $300.00. Systems needing 220-volt, 60 cycle AC require an inverter. Costs vary from $350.00 for a system that will power a tv and a computer, to a $3400.00 inverter that will power an entire household.

Typical examples:

Conventional House-220 volt

Site conditions:

Head 100 feet
Flow 100 G.P.M.
Pipe length 1000 feet
Pipe size 4 in. PVC
Distance to house 300 feet
Output 1000 watts

Components that you will need:

Turbine-2 nozzle


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