1. The New Quad-input 1,200 watt On-Grid Micro-Inverter.
  2. Fast, easy Installation with Wi-Fi monitoring.
  3. Expandable to 4,800 watts on one circuit.
  4. Tough ,rugged,weatherproof.




Solar Homes VRLA AGM Batteries Made in China

  1. Deep-well Solar Pumps for small applications.
  2. Easy to install and will run on 1-150 watt solar panel
  3. With or without Battery.
  4. 12 V or 24 V Models available upon request.
  5. Price, pump only – p 12,000.
  6. Price for pump and panel and controller- p 24,000.
  7. Door to Door anywhere in the Phil’s add p 1,000.








Solar Air-con, On and Off-Grid available. Basic window unit 600 watt with 4-265 watt Panels, 4-150 Ah Batteries, 5,000 Watt Inverter, p 180,000 

Hybrid Wind/Solar Charge Controller

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