Our innovative solar technologies offer best efficiency on the market.
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Solar Deep Cycle Batteries

Solar Homes VRLA AGM Batteries

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Please e-mail your requests to  [email protected] 

Cebu Solar Incorporated, Bancasan, San-Remigio, 

Cebu, Philippines, 6011  (+63-929-256-1847) (smart) Tommy Tirey (+63-916-634-3774)(globe)  Tommy Tirey , Lecel Tirey (63-916-634-3774) or (63-921-320-1698)

Facebook- Cebu Solar or Cebu Solar Inc

Include billing amount and Kw’s used per month.

Project location and Solar system type.                                

 For inward remittance purposes, 

BDO’s SWIFT Code which is BNORPHMM.

 Cebu Solar Inc. account #006370032114


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Solar Farming for Investors


Solar Energy PV Farming is offered by Cebu Solar as a Joint Partnership with a 50% – 59% split on profit from the sale of energy to the DU or national grid
Cebu Solar Inc. supplies design ,Installation, support ,security for the life of the system 20-25 years
Investor supplies all financing for equipment, land, Finances for permits-licencing-solar green-houses and land development money (preparation) fencing and connection to the grid and any applicable fee’s and required permits and feasibility studies.

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